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About Us

Veteran-Owned & Managed

We're Beekeepers Rick, Brad, & Juan, and we love bees! We don't compete with big commercial beekeeping supply companies. We are a sincere, veteran-owned small business trying to get great people involved in a great hobby! We're long-time friends, partners, & retirees humbly seeking to make beekeeping a bigger part of the urban & suburban fabric of every community and neighborhood. 

Beekeeper Rick is our beekeeping expert with over 15 years of beekeeping experience. Brad manages the company, while Juan is the logistics director! Honey Bee City is located in Miami, Florida, where we assemble & finish our products in our warehouse.

Soon you'll see Honey Bee City on television, in newspapers, and magazines as we get more people involved in Bee Awareness. If you choose not be become a beekeeper, we cordially invite you to join our Honey Bee City Beekeeping Guild, which is free by completing our contact form or subscribing to our blog.  

A Beehive In Every Home!

We're real people - parents & grandparents, Democrats & Republicans, believers in America, the fabric of our diversity, and the genuine contributions that each American can make to improving honeybee populations and sustainability in our wonderful nation.  Home & Community apiaries can get citizens involved in beekeeping, and more beehives will hopefully improve honeybee populations in the United States!

Why Purchase A Honey Bee City Beehive?

Beauty, Standardization, Ease of Use, Community. Our premium product is Made in the USA, shipped from our warehouse to you in one box, and comes with a 30 day guarantee. The exterior of our hives are beautifully finished with a weatherproof seal, so you'll fondly think of your Honey Bee City as Yard Art that compliments your home! Most importantly, the hive interior is raw, natural wood, providing an organic home for your honeybee charges! Our beehive customers become Mayors that become instant members of our Honey Bee City Beekeeping Guild, where they can contribute, post media, and interact with other Mayors and members through our blog.


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Company Information, Privacy Statement, & Terms of Use

Honey Bee City began in 2014 as Sirius Trading & Logistics, LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company that is located at 9901 NW 106th Street, Suite 5, Miami, Florida  33178.  The owners are Ual Bradley, Jr., Juan R. Cobo, and Richard K. Cousins.

Executive Profiles:

Ual Bradley, Jr., or Beekeeper Brad, is a retired Special Agent of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  He also served with other US Government agencies prior to his retirement following 33 years of honorable service.  This includes 21 years in the US Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard as an Infantry Major.  Brad is a proud parent and grandparent!

Juan R. Cobo is a Navy veteran and licensed Customs NVOCC broker with over 20 years of experience in international logistics.  He is the father of two and a grandfather, too!

Richard K. Cousins is a retired Customs & Border Protection Officer (CBP) of the Department of Homeland Security, with over 30 years of 30 years of US Government service. He is a proud former Marine sergeant, a husband, father of two, and our most experienced Apiarist! It's Beekeeper Rick who inspired us to become beekeepers and transition into Honey Bee City!

Limitations of Product Use.  Beekeeping can be a safe hobby, provided that any person handling honeybees, or within immediate distance of beehive activity, wear full protective clothing and equipment and operate their hive according to instruction manuals, and standard beekeeping practices established by the American Beekeeping Association, federal, state, lower government regulations.  If you, or family, friends close to you, have adverse reactions to bee stings, beeswax, pollen, other hive products, fears of honeybees, or other concerns, do not purchase our beehives or become beekeepers.

Beekeeping with Students, Families & Minors - Honey Bee City recommends that adults practice beekeeping and supervise any minors involved in it, to include insuring that they wear properly fitted protective clothing/gear and are never left alone with an active beehive.  

Privacy Data.  We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site, which is hosted and provided by Godaddy and it's affiliates. In the event that our internet provider/host becomes the victim of hacking or a breech, we will make every effort to inform our customers and subscribers immediately.

We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily provide upon purchase, or give us via email or other direct contact from you. This is normally restricted to your name, telephone number, email or personal address, and ordering or subscriber information. 

We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.  We will use your information to respond to you, coordinate for your order, ship your purchase, communicate with you, and keep you informed.  If you provide photos, data, or join our Beekeeping Guild/interactive community, it becomes our property for limited use to post on our website, blog, and other social media.

If there is a problem with your shipping address or information, we may attempt to search for and contact you through possible social media sites.

We will limit the public name use of our customers and subscribers on our media sites to first names, such as Mayor John from some location, or Beekeeper Jose, Bee Fan Luke, etc, unless you indicate otherwise. If you desire to be removed from our contact records or media sites, or if you learn of any error to our policy that involves you, please contact Ual Bradley, Jr., Managing Director, Honey Bee City at ual.bradley@siriustl.com.  

Honey Bee City reserves the right to likewise remove, cancel, discontinue, and correct any person, their data, or membership/subscription to our blog or other social media sites for any reason. 

We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request, e.g. to ship an order.

Unless you ask us not to, we may contact you via direct mail, email, or social media/blog in the future to tell you about specials, new products or services, or changes to this privacy policy.

Intellectual Property/Trademark/Copyrights - Images on our media sites, publications, and other uses are the property of Sirius Trading & Logistics, Shutterstock, Eduart Photography, or are stock images provided by our website/host. 

The Honey Bee City name is a trademark pending registration. The logo in part was purchased via an enhanced license from Shutterstock. Mottos and slogans are the property of Sirius Trading & Logistics, LLC.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and Related Statements:

Honey Bee City does not discriminate, and complies with federal and state laws related to equal treatment based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, preference, age, or disability. We do not discriminate based on your immigration status.

Statement regarding Religious Freedom: Honey Bee City recognizes Freedom of Religion. While we may create merchandise that is meant to show beekeeping pride in different religious groups, there is not intention to disregard any. If your faith or religion is not represented in our merchandising, just let us know and we'll try to create a worthy product. Any misrepresentation is not intentional, so please advise if something is incorrect or misinterpreted! 

Diversity Statement. Honey Bee City believes that beekeeping is an trade that can be enjoyed by everyone in legally authorized locations, regardless of race, ethnicity, social status, income, education, or language. Our goal is to unite people through apiculture!

Statement regarding Women, LBGTQ - Honey Bee City supports the rights of the LBGTQ community, to include Marriage Rights.  We support the goals of equal rights, wage equality, and women's rights. 

Political Disclaimer.  Honey Bee City does not represent any political party. We do reserve the right to support political movements/actions, to include honeybee efforts at conservation and preservation, regardless of the political party associated with it/them.

Mission statements – Our goal at Honey Bee City is to get as many people, groups, and families into urban and suburban beekeeping as possible!  "A Beehive in Every Home" is our Motto, and we believe it will help improve the plight of honeybees.  We do that by fabricating premium beehives, creating original art merchandise to show beekeeping pride, a love for bees, and increasing bee awareness.  

Acknowledgements - Without our own network of supporters, Honey Bee City would not exist! We would like to thank my late sister, Cheryl Lynn Bradley for believing in us and for being a master teacher at Brentwood Elementary School in Pensacola, Florida, The Grommet, Improvements, South Florida Bee Supply, The Miami Herald, Loyola Maryland Magazine, American Move Classics (AMC), Newswatch Television, Our Mayors, Fans, and well-wishers!  We also want to acknowledge fellow beekeepers, mil

Become A Beekeeper!

Honey Bee City Mayors are the wonderful people that purchase our hives! They're the foundation of our company and become contributors to our Guild and Blog! If you're already a beekeeper, join us and share your knowledge as a subscriber! If you want to become a member of one of the oldest trades in the world, we invite you to purchase our product and join our growing family of proud beekeeping Mayors!  You won't regret it, and your bees will love you!

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