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AS SEEN ON NATIONAL TV! The cable television channel, American Movie Classics (AMC) and Newswatch Television featured a segment about how everyone can Help Save the Bees with Honey Bee City! Bee Keepers, & Bee Hives Are Cool! Hives Don't Require Much Care, Time, or Space, and Basic Tools Are All You'll Need to Get Started. Bees are ordered for deliverynline! Harvest Honey and Beeswax for Crafts & Candles! Get Family & Friends Involved! Sell Your Honey & Crafts! 

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Read About Us in The Miami Herald! After you do, consider purchasing a Honey Bee City hive or kit directly from us, or from one of our trusted catalog partners below! Join & Subscribe to Our Free Beekeeping Guild! It's a Forum Where Beekeepers & Everyone Can Share & Be Heard! Honeybee Are Threatened, and you can help by Having Your Own Hive, or Buy Local Honey, Beeswax Crafts, & Other Hive Products. We invite you to visit our Cafe Press Store for Original Art Bee Clothing, Jewelry, & Merchandise!

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The Loyola University Maryland Magazine featured our Beekeeper Brad & Honey Bee City in their effort to educate alumni and students about the plight of honeybees. As a graduate of Loyola, Beekeeper Brad's involvement in apiculture caught the attention of Loyola, and we agreed to participate! Our urban beehives are Ideal for Urban & Suburban Yards, Gardens, and new Beekeepers. You can decorate your Honey Bee City, Paint it, Personalize it, Own it! All you need is the Bees, which are easily ordered online!

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A Guild for Everyone Bee Concerned!

Why Join our Beekeeping Guild?

Help Save the Bees! A guild is an association of people in pursuit of a common goal, and our humble goal is bring Beekeepers, Communities, Teachers, Educators, Students, and the Public together to share, learn, and be informed about honeybee issues and awareness!

Our Guild Blog will provide a platform for awareness, communication, and sharing as we begin to increase Guild unity & purpose. Educators can send in questions and articles, Farmers and Gardeners can provide insight and advice, and we can all learn as we proceed.

And while "A Beehive in Every Home" is our motto, we know that everyone can't become a beekeeper, but everyone can become involved saving bee swarms from extermination. Everyone can purchase real honey, & beeswax crafts, bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly. We can all urge lawmakers at every level to do more to sustain urban beekeeping and apiculture in general!  There is so much educators and students can do, so much the press, schools, universities, businesses, and religious organizations can contribute.

Joining our Beekeeping Guild is a simple action. Our Blog is a start. Our Guild is new and evolving, but it's a beginning. We ask you to Join Us.  - Beekeepers Rick, Brad, & Juan

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Our Honey Bee City Basic and Deluxe Beehives & Beekeeping Kits will suit any budget and space! Each 100% Natural Pine Hive is Yard Art that will compliment your outdoor scenery and draw the envy of your friends & neighbors. We cordially invite you to view our products!  

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Look for Honey Bee City in April 2018 on American Movie Classics and National Television in a Featured Segment About Threats to Honeybees and the Importance of Urban Beekeeping! Let us know how you like it! Tell Your Friends and Like Us on Facebook, Instagram, or our Blog! 

Our CafePress Store 15% Off!

05/20/2018 Our Mall Offers Original Art Beekeeper & Bee Lover Jewelry, Gifts, Apparel, & Office/Home/Auto Products! Each design features State, City, Local, Urban, Women's, Youth, Religious, & Family themes. NEW Texas Beekeeper & Fashion Bee Couture/Chic Jewelry, Gifts 

Bees Know Concept of Zero!

Click the Image to see the featured Video! 06/13/2018, Did you know that honeybees possess the mathematical skills to make perfect hexagons? Not only that, but scientists have determined that honeybees also know the concept of zero!!  This concept provides zero as both a number and digit that allows for more complex mathematics, such as Algebra!

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Our Expert, Beekeeper Rick! Our business partner, friend, and mentor, Rick loves honeybees! He's an old Marine sergeant with a lot of bark on him, but bees just break right through and touch his heart!  He calls honeybees "God's Little Flying Angels." Rick is the reason that Juan and I are beekeepers!

Family Beekeeping Videos

Click on the image to watch one of the selected family and youth videos we've selected.  We at Honey Bee City are not trade biased about featuring other beekeepers, especially family and children! Send us an email, even if you're not a customer, and we'll consider it for posting on our website! We particularly enjoy youth groups and shelters, too!